Top 10 MOST WANTED Upcoming Indie Games of 2020 Jassi

Top 10 MOST WANTED Upcoming Indie Games of 2020 Jassi
hey there and welcome once more to get indie gaming and to . the third part of our Most Wanted series but we count down 10 more . indie games expected out this year or next that were super excited about and wanted to share at. 

number 10 and first shown off during last year's e3 Chris tails as a JRPG tribute and ode to such games of the past however while it clearly shows off its classical inspirations it looks likely to deliver something that's more than a few fresh takes on the genre you play as a character called Chris Bell who is able to view her past and future self from where she stands within the present naturally this time-based mechanic is at the heart of the game and this bits pretty cool actions you take in the present timeline based on what you know of the past has . the potential to alter outcomes and events in the future hope that makes all sense combat looks decidedly solid with it putting us in mind the safe Final Fantasy 7 or other JRPGs such as Fire Emblem Chris tales is all fully hand-drawn and the animations look so very silky smooth . this one's expected to come out at some point this year on PC PlayStation 4 Xbox one and the Nintendo switch and if you fancy a closer look there's a demo you can pick up for free by way of the Steam homepage at .

number 9 and the first of two racing games to appear in this rundown we have part of rally with most of the world's motorsport taking place at . the moment by way of Ultra HD eSports whether something so beautifully paired back and graceful about this kind of racing game that we just really adore now this comes from the develop of absolute drift and it's very much an old-school racer . it's set to feature cars from the 60s and 70s as well as the heyday of the scene from the 1980s where the hugely power and volatile and Group B machines did their very best if we're honest we really like how the game for what we've seen of . it at least does away with the co-driver rabbiting on and on now this will annoy the purists although honestly this little future racing gem of a rally game doesn't really need . it we're thinking it's best described as something like the code masters games of old and like the previous game there's a demo available this time from each dot IO and as normal all . the links to the games featured are down in the description art of rally should be out before the end of 2020 up next and following on from art of a rally we have circuits superstars which as you can see on screen is looking to recreate the top-down arcade races of yesteryear while also adding modern physics based control and driving experiences like a fair few of the games in this rundown we've had some time with it and we've really enjoyed playing this at both in time trial mode and in split-screen co-op which seem to go really well at EGX rezzed last year like our rally this one will feature cars from across the spectrum of motorsport and it's expected to come out later in the year on PC and all of your favourite consoles up next and at.

number 7 quite possibly the biggest gamble of this whole video in terms of it coming out later this year or next year possibly Bradley pronounced was first announced all the way back in 2014 and since then it's been picked up by the ever reliable publisher devolver digital named after a divine substance and North Pathology players are cast as a shield maiden in what's described as a game featuring exceptional combat and plenty of formidable challenges which puts us in mind of a pixel art souls like experience perhaps like the long-delayed below this will drop quite unexpectedly and if it does we'll be sure to cover it here on get indie gaming at.

number 6 in the game we've seen at most of the major and minor trade shows and expose over the last few years with. it each time being so beautifully presented we have Roky inspired by Scandinavian folklore roki has a rather touching narrative and backstory all within a charming looking art style that together with . the audio creates something well reasonably pleasingly menacing all with an ax point and click adventure you'll play as Tove as she sets about an adventure to save her family within an ancient wilderness with puzzles to solve animals to befriend and none gameplay with its universal themes and accessible controls rocky should appeal to many and offers a truly modern take on the adventure game genre if you're interested in this one and like a few others in this list you can play a demo today and I'll put a link to this down in the description up next and at .

number 5 we have sable which began life as it were in a garden shared belonging to the parents of one of the developers now it's been a little while since we had an update with the footage here well a good year or so old we've seen a few snippet updates here and there mostly by way of the Twitter feed from the developers by them posting the odd gift we thought we might be seeing something new at the now-cancelled III although we can but wonder in any case the team behind sable have said sometime in 2020 as their current launch date for what's said to be a coming-of-age type of tale by way of discovery and exploration and what on the face of things is a superbly strikingly rendered open world desert it's also said to offer deeply personal experience and one without combat while also using the dialogue choice system that's similar and based on those seen within the recent 80 days Sabre will also feature a decentralized story which is said to offer players plenty of freedom with you also being able to finish the game without actually touching it at all so really we're drawn to this one by how how calming it all looks and well just how it looks it's Abel's expected out on PC PlayStation 4 and Xbox one sometime later in the year coming in at .

number four we have the curious but delightful looking resort a game that's coming from black woods entertainment now unlike the vast majority of games in this list we have yet to get a demo or spend any hands-on time with it although we're really interested in what it's seemingly looking to achieve now the story revolves around a writer called Laura tanner the comet is on course to smash into a small town and Laura goes out on a road trip to visit the place and interview a number of its inhabitants who are refusing to seek safety away from their homes now we understand Resort is at its core and interactive puzzle free experience where players will meet compelling but quirky characters all of them being fully voice acted in a story that's really about repressed trauma and buried secrets there's also said to be something that's really interesting where reality and dreams interact well there's not much going here to grasp hold of where thinking resort could be that little bit special when it comes out possibly later in the year on to home PCs by way of steam at number three and recently shown off at the last Nintendo indie world showcase the last campfire is expected out this coming summer across multiple platforms as well as on two PC's via Steam this was first announced as a sub project by a handful of team members within the hello game studio you may remember them from such games as Joe danger or perhaps more likely from the journey that has been no man's sky while this was announced way back in 2018 and were reasonably close to launch it's only been really recently that we've seen any footage focusing on the actual gameplay and to be honest now that we have it looks really rather promising a few folks have commented it seems to draw inspiration from games such as the hugely overrated hob although we're thinking it's coming with perhaps an overall karma outlook incidentally the developers have suggested the last campfire is looking to take a charming approach to dark fantasy with it also using a puzzle format where each one of them are different rather than just tacking difficulty upon difficulty in a single or a handful of mechanics which in itself sounds pretty darn intriguing now if the last campfire is something you're really looking forward to be sure to let us know down in the comments.

 number two in a game we featured once or twice before although it recently jumped back into our lap as it were following a recent Twitter conversation we had with a viewer Inc Yulin artis a turn-based strategy game where you play as an illustrator who's able to will what's called the power of living Inc and in so doing you can paint and draw armies of fighting animals who seem perfectly able to hack each other to bite-sized pieces now you can also get involved in the action by using your fists to squash the little things to pieces pushing people around the map or by drawing new barriers on the page said to off a single player as well as couch and online battles there's something so different and compelling about this the art style I mean it's way out there on its own and I can't think we've seen anything quite like it perhaps it's a stretch to suggest it's coming out in 2020 although in any case it wants more firmly at the top of lists of gay we need to keep a good watching brief over at number one for this third episode of our most wanted indie games we have go heroes now this is a game that's fresh and our radar over the last couple of days before this video comes out it's expected onto PCs and CG players Prometheus who some of you will remember from Greek mythology was a Titan credited with the creation of humanity from clay while also being responsible for stealing fire from the gods and giving it to mankind now it's going to be really interesting to see how much of the game goes into the myths and stories associated with this titular character and we're really hoping the team are able to weave plenty of them into the gameplay the press info does suggest at least you'll be looking to steal the aforementioned fire although as a character prometheus is so much to give so we're looking forward to see what the devs do with it as for your up - well the footage here is supposedly pre-alpha although we really appreciate the artwork which the team call this all voxels on steroids with them being turned into vertex colored matching cubes or put through unity by way of the team's own proprietary algorithm as far as Lux goes well we're hard at work thinking if there's anything quite like it that uses a similar technique and we think it all looks stunning again if we return to the gameplay we understand it'll offer randomized puzzles epic fights with immortal keepers as well as having plenty of things and places to discover all within the landscape that's based on the ancient Greek world again go heroes should be coming out we believe this summer by way of steam and with that be sure to let us know which of these games you're most wanted to play down below while you're here if you've liked the video please click the like button and subscribe to the channel if you haven't done so we're uploading nearly every day.

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