Top 10 BEST Indie Games Out This Week 2020 Jassi

Top 10 BEST Indie Games Out This Week  2020 Jassi
April's been a solid month for new indie game releases and a week ahead is no exception welcome once again to get indie gaming and in this video well we're counting down. the 10 best looking indie games expected out over the week ahead I don't know how you do it traveling alone all the way out here it's a good job you showed up when you did things were starting to get a little dicey up here on my own at .

number 10 coming out this week on Steam we have filament a game that on the surface looks perhaps just another simple looking puzzler or. that's certainly not the case we had recent hands-on time with a demo in the steam spring game festival just gone and found it all set to deliver one of the most compelling puzzle based narrative driven games of . the year so far filament sees you take on the role of a spacefaring astronaut stranded aboard on space ship called the alabasta has seemingly been abandoned you're able to take command and control a small robot like bulb ie the titular filament through and around various room based puzzles of which there are around 300 or so to solve now in our recent experience these puzzles begin simple enough which is always welcome to help ease you into . how things are done in any given puzzle game the difficulty level progresses rather nicely and wants you well into it the complexity and overall challenge makes filament well it's a pleasantly addictive puzzling experience we also appreciate being able to tackle most of the games puzzles in any order we fancied true in some sections that's not quite correct although for . the most part the lack of a linear path is another welcomed inclusion as is the 3d art style as does the background story driven narrative we are able to explore the ship to find logs and other such personal notes relating to the missing crew to learn who they once were and what happened to them filament comes out April 23rd on to Windows PCs via Steam one one two what's your emergency coming up next this week's. 

number nine. one one two operator well it's the sequel to 9-1-1 operator with the team raising over 50,000 u.s. dollars via Kickstarter towards the end of last year in this sequel well you're tasked with working as an emergency dispatch call operator where you receive calls from people needing emergency assistance or sometimes perhaps otherwise with you having to direct the various emergency services as and when required each call needs you to undertake specific things with which to complete the various actions before the call or shall we say the puzzles are solved 1/1 - operator will see you dealing with events ranging from the mundane such as traffic incidents with things escalating in seriousness such as dealing with organized crime right up there to terrorism and natural disasters all of this is also wrapped up with thousands of real cities from .all over the globe with it also using historical weather data to accurately portray the overall dynamic gameplay we enjoyed the original and with this follow-up being 25 times larger one 1/2 operator will be a day 1 by for us when it comes to steam this April 23rd at. 

number 8 and coming firmly from that bit of the steam store that's just that little bit different we have warp factor now as you can see this is a breakout inspired arcade action game with brick breaking elements it comes out today as .this video airs for home PCs now we like a good brick breaker and have added . this one to our weekly countdown mostly for its inclusion of local multiplayer with .. it also having a online option via the Steam remote light systems the levels are all randomly generated with offering a dynamic soundtrack and voice over to go with it it's also got a post launch roadmap featuring shareable level editors and a few other things such as colorblind mode which would be a most welcome addition as with all games featured in this video you can find a link to the steam home page or other main sail outlet down in the description coming in at .

number 7 the flower collectors is set with in 1977 Barcelona all at a time soon after Franco's with Spain always ready to have their first free election since the end of the civil war you'll play as a retired policeman as you try to unravel a mysterious murder all the while sat with in your wheelchair within your apartment helped by an assistant a go-getting journalist who becomes your eyes and ears you take on the task of solving what appears to be a complex mystery by way of your camera a set of binoculars and a radio transmitter with you very much peeking out from behind the curtains now this does look pretty fascinating particulate setting and how it encapsulates a post frank of barcelona but also in its dealing and experimenting with voyeurism in what's clearly an overall story driven by world building and narrative from what we've seen and heard of this one already well your character is backstory and all-round demeanor are likely to make the flower collectors in places we suspect a challenge to play this comes to PC on April the 21st next up at number six we have the console release of deliver us the moon with this coming off the back of an earlier role out on a pcs in late last year and if you haven't seen it yet it's well worth taking a further look at deliver us the moon is a sci-fi thriller set in a post-apocalyptic world where the Earth's natural resources have rule but depleted in an effort to save humanity the world's global powers created the world Space Agency and said about the colonization of the moon to extract a new source of energy found within the lunar landscape things were going on well enough but unfortunately one evening all communication was lost and now years later you assume the role of an astronaut assigned with a task of investigating what happened that fateful night oh and while you're up there also figuring a way in which to once more save the rest of humanity now what we've really enjoyed with this one when it first came out aside from the puzzles which they're not really too difficult is how the overall story is told and how it builds the writers have done a superb job with its pacing and it's just such an absorbing narrative that it's easy to let it suck you right in it's not an overly long game we played it over the course of two evenings and it comes in and around six or so hours although once you're done or wager it will leave a strong overall impression that lingers away out the back you're mine for a good old while deliver us the moon comes out April 24th on all of the current generations main consoles next up at .

number 5 we have sunless sea unlike the previous game this one's already out on the PC well it's out since 2015 if we're being honest although this April 23rd and 24th it's coming out respectively on the Nintendo switch and the Xbox one now this releases the submariners Edition which sees you play as a steamship captain tasked with making your way through a submerged subterranean ocean that changes and reconfigures itself with each death the Gothic theme is instantly recognizable to anyone who's seen and played veiled batters long running for the London series with it being a deeply atmospheric and yet gloomy voyage of exploration and discovery it's also incredibly beautifully written with so many different and interweaving stories of Wonders and weirdness that makes sunless sea a distinct and well worthy purchase if you're into such tales ok sure it's hardly new although if you haven't played it yet well it's well worth getting hold of moving on and at number four the shattering is a first-person story driven psychological thriller that puts you in the mind of a chap called John Evans where you're asked to piece together the events of his past and present as many viewers already know we've been turning our attention more and more of late towards these kind of narrative driven games the shattering features no failure conditions ie you cannot die and the puzzles were they're not likely to be anything overly complicated what makes the shattering to us at least so interesting comes from how the gameplay is looking to submerge you into John's mind all the while being guided within the game's 5 acts we believe by the voice of a doctor as you experience the moments that define well things that have made John into who he is we're also loving the overall visuals with the photo realism at play and the soundtrack which all feels like a fine match to the aesthetic as well the shattering comes out this week on April 21st by way of steam at number three help will come tomorrow is a narrative-driven resource management game with a few tweaks and differences to the usual format this one set within the frozen and harsh Siberian forest after a train crash and all within the timeframe of the October Revolution of 1917 well you'll need to meet the needs of the various characters and gathering resources building a camp and looking after everyone's all-round health and well-being there's more going on with help will come tomorrow than you might usually find within such resource survival managers the developers have been keen to pitch this with a greater emphasis on the story again there we go with another narrative-driven title the elements here they do offer some things that are really rather interesting now we've had time with a full launch version and while we're not too sure if we're under embargo we'll play it safe that being said this one essentially uses a relationship system where individual characters have just like all of us their own unique and differencing personal habits and traits these in turn have a big impact on the overall relationships with others and their own mental state affecting them as individuals but also the survival of the whole group again being cautious of a possible embargo as this goes out it's often a delicate and fine line to be had in dealing with and helping shape a cohesive group relationship that for the most part also sees you need to understand and manage the difference in class and social affiliations between the group help will come tomorrow launches on April 21st on PC and all of the normal consoles with us here at getting new gaming haven't played it on the switch with a copy provided by the publisher for reviewing purposes coming in at number two and from a solar developer called Jacob Williams we have it err a bullet-hell boss rush type of adventure game where you play as a girl on a mission to revenge and take revenge on the deaths of her family all the while being guided by the spirit of the family's pet cat now as this video as we've had access to the full game again for disclosure the copy was provided by the publisher for review purposes and we've played it from start to finish now we are definitely under an embargo and we're not able to share too much information although as a small collective we readily understood and recognized many of the central themes within the it Easter particularly within aspects of the implied personal struggles and instances of perseverance that sees you do battle against 18 or so bosses if the memory serves in what feels like a super slick mashup of the aesthetics of hyper light drifter with the action being in place is something that's reminiscent of what's found in games like cup head a like cup head though it does come with the number of accessibility options which means players are able to enjoy the action and the story as it unfolds without having to worry about the annoyance of for example being killed off hundreds and hundreds of times which pretty much happened to us you can expect a full review in the days that come with it are launching on PC and the Nintendo switch on April 22nd bouncing driving and flying its way into the number one position for games out this week cloud Punk as you can see from the footage on-screen is heavily influenced by cyberpunk genre and sees you play as a lady called Rania a delivery driver on her first day working for a semi legal courier firm known as the same name as the game's title from what we've seen of it so far it looks a fairly open-ended overall experience with you able to drive or hover your car all over the vast city while also taking on delivery jobs within a world of corporate conspiracy hackers and AI gone rogue well we've yet to play it we'll be picking up a copy in a few days time and this was one of the games we were most excited about and wanting to play at PAX East in March an event sadly we missed you too visa issues we are really looking forward to getting inside the story and to see how it manages the interactive nature of certain gameplay elements that are said to have a real and meaningful impact on things that you do not just within the games and speaking with other NPCs but also the entire populace of the city in any case cloud Punk is set to come out on April 23rd for home PCs on Steam and it also be out later in the year on the PlayStation 4 Nintendo switch and the Xbox one and with that be sure to let us know which games your most wanting to play down below and while you're here don't forget to click that like button and subscribe to the channel if you haven't yet done so we're uploading pretty much every single day and a subscription with a notification bell turned on is the best way of staying up to date with all things get indie gaming all the best and see you all here soon for another video 

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