Top 10 BEST Indie Games Out This Week 2020 by Jassi

Top 10 BEST Indie Games Out This Week 2020 by Jassi
hey there and welcome back to get indie gaming to our weekly roundup of the best indie games coming out over the course of the week so far may has seen plenty solid new indie game releases and while this week isn't perhaps as packed as others here are the top 10 best looking indie games coming out this week up first and at this week'.

10. Virtua verse caught my eye with it's bright and brash purple and neon art style with it being a point-and-click adventure set in a grim and grimy future where AI is upped its games somewhat and become even more powerful than any government and essentially the overseer of everybody in this not-too-distant future humans are connected to a vast neural network and kept under what seems to be a level of control where the network provides a permanently integrated virtual reality that's tailored to everyone's own personal data your players Nathan an outsider who makes a living off the grid as a smuggler of modded hardware and cracked software you're also one of the few able to switch off the simulation and see things for what they really are living an apartment with your girlfriend one morning you awake to an empty house and with your headset broken you'll set out to discover what happened to your partner amongst a world of hackers multiple guilds and what's called epic cyber wars sure there are so many questions aren't answered although we'll be looking to see more from virtue of verse when it comes to steam on May the 12th up next and at .

9. we have a remaster of one of the all-time classics the eternal castle first came out all the way back in January of 1987 and this remaster is the work of three developers based out of LA and Europe who've worked on delivering an overall uplift to the original in what they call the desire to get as close as possible to the dream game they wish they could have played when they were kids on the face of things they've certainly polished things up as it were with the remastered graphics looking so very vibrant with all their contrasting colors and vivid sprite work with over 20 levels set across five different worlds each of these having their own look and feel you can relive or play the eternal castle alone or with others by way of the local couch your online co-op options we've a vague collective memory of having played this one when it first came out and while this looks an ambitious project it's another one of those recent remasters were truly super excited to load up onto steam or more likely on the Nintendo switch when it launches may 15th up next at.

8. we have something of an oddity and as much as Island saver comes out this week on May 13th with it being a partnership with storm cloud games and NatWest whom some of you may know as a British bank headquartered out of the city of London it's the bank's first venture into video games with Island saver aiming to harness children's enthusiasm for video games with it being an opportunity to teach and pass over hints and tips on reasonable money management the bank goes on to say while they've provided classroom based financial education for more than 25 years this new tool can provide something new where life lessons and financial upskilling can be undertaken through play sure we can see and hear the eye rolls of the cynics and yes we're certainly aware of the underlying nature of the banking for-profit market although in this case with the lively and cute looking characters and gameplay it's something we thought worth showing in our weekly rundown video Island saver will release later this week worldwide on the Nintendo eShop coming in at .

7. for new indie games out this week terraria 1.4 also known as journey's end comes out on May 16th with this being the ninth anniversary of the game's launch and will be the last major update for the game first showing off at last year's e3 this new update will offer bags of new additional content while also providing what the developers have been calling a revisit of all of the previously released elements of the game by this they mean an all-round clean up and tidy of some of the parts that have fallen to obsolescence and in doing so bring them back to a point of revelant for new and old players alike there are also over 800 new items a complete refresh of many of the quality of life in-game aspects and perhaps most importantly players will be able to go out onto the links fairways and greens with the addition of a golf course making tool kit which is kind of ace we suppose well either way the new and final update is out first on PCs with consoles and mobile versions to follow at some point later in the year moving onwards in this rundown an at .

6. we have SCI which is a third-person action game where it explores Celtic folklore and deforestation it's set within a magical forest that's been ravaged by metallic creatures whose aim is to hack and slash their way through the world in order to get to the magic that had its center with you playing as a druid and protector of the natural world were hugely impressed with this one with it being the debut studio from mutiny a super small developer based out of Cornwall in the UK this can be picked up from each dot IO with a team also promising to gift 80% of the revenue this one brings in back to conservation charities and like all of the games in this countdown you can find a link to its storefront down in the video description coming in at.

5. and some things are very different for us here at get indie gaming as we very rarely showcase sports based games although in super mega baseball 3 and while it does look super cartoony this seems to offer up an incredible depth of what's essentially a multi-layered and hugely ambitious baseball simulation game to be honest we almost nothing about this particular sport as it's just not something we've grown up with or had exposure to over the years here in Europe that being said having played the free demo that's available via Steam this really is a super engrossing and like the football managers of old we can see how this game could be one enormous and totally engrossing time sink while it is the third game in the series we understand it is the most comprehensive game of its kind with this one adding new online offline modes including an all-new franchise option together with new audio more character content and much much more super mega baseball comes out May 13th by way of steam a future where crime rules the streets when the citizens are in trouble they call the authorities with the authorities are in trouble they call the Bounty Hunter's up next and this week's 

4. we have hunt down which is due out the day this video goes live May the 12th now this one gives us so many pangs and feelings of the days way back when we spent Saturday afternoons in the arcades with a bag full of coins and that was pretty much the zenith of the entire week in hunt down as the saying goes crime doesn't pay unless you're a bounty hunter in this super hard-boiled retro action comedy arcade shooter you can play solo or in a couch co-op with other people all within graffitis through 1980s inspired cityscapes the graphics all hand-painted with them looking to create the looks of the 16-bit era although in this one the animations are all super smooth and come in at 60 frames per second and from what we've seen of it so far well it looks right up there alongside the recently released Streets of Rage 4 in taking an uplifting an idea from a few generations ago into the modern day sure there are plenty of others who've done this and perhaps there's nothing overly outstanding in terms of this pushing gaming forwards however right now we really don't care and just want to play it hunt down comes out May 12th and has an epic exclusive for one year with it also coming to the switched PlayStation 4 and the Xbox one at.

3. the mining space dwars of deep rock galactic have been rummaging around in early access for the best part of two years although that's all set to end on May 13th with its full launch across steam the Microsoft Store and also on the Xbox one it's already been a hugely successful project for coffee-stained publishing with it having racked up over 1 million units sold during the early access period while much of the game has come about as the developers intended the run-up to the full launch has seen them say there are also many new factors and things within the 1.0 version they hadn't imagined when they began with many of these having come out of the community during the EA in any case deep rock galactic is hugely entertaining and as far as first-person shooters go this really does require teamwork in order to obtain a successful outcome it's also another great looking game and one where the procedural generation always feels to add rather than hinder the overall experience deep rock Galactic is looking and sounding superb with it also coming with a nearly an hour's worth of original in-game music and perhaps will be one of the better examples of early access to full game success stories at .

2. and while already out on PC iron fury gets a second outing with it coming to the PlayStation 4 the switch and the Xbox one arguably a successor to such classics as Blood and Duke Nukem 3d iron fury is every bit as unashamed old-school first-person shooter with 90s overall look and feel with it blended into current generation with localization damage and seamless level transitions what's more there's zero procedural generation at play all of the levels are hand designed are made with multiple paths and plenty of complex interweaving set-pieces as before you'll go about leaving a trail of carnage and inhuman foes all about the place sure is hardly subtle although if this is kind of your thing based on the reviews of the game on the PC well iron fury might just be very much an essential shooter with it coming out this may 60 and at 

1. signs of the sojourner and while most of this list is full-on high-octane bluster this is a card game about compassion relationships and communication where your deck is your character and echoes the experiences you have while playing as you play your deck expands and changes with its shaping your experiences and relationships of those around you different decks lead to different narrative paths as your cards impact your ability to communicate with others with you figuring out what sort of person you want to be and how you want to be seen and relate to others it's full of hopefulness and compassion with the ending being the sum of every card played and decisions you've taken it really is magical and with a hand-drawn environments and pared back but beautiful soundtrack it could very well be what many people are looking for right now signs of the sojourner comes out on May 14th by way of steam with a port expected onto the switch later in the year that's it for this week's new releases and if you see anything you're looking to play let us know down in the comments if you've liked the video please click the like button and if you haven't done so already now is an excellent time to subscribe to the channel with the notification bells turned on so you never miss out on any of our indie gaming videos either way many thanks for watching and we'll see you all again next time 

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