The Batman Teaser 2021 and DC Movies Announcement Breakdown - Batman Easter Eggs Jassi maur

The Batman Teaser 2021 and DC Movies Announcement Breakdown - Batman Easter Eggs Jassi maur
Welcome back everyone it's Charlie this is going to be my new Batman video Matt Reeves did an interview recently talking about the characters . what's going on with his movie explaining some of this story we even got our first look at what the new version of Arkham Asylum is going to look like during the movie in Warner Brothers just changed the release dates of a bunch of their DC movies so we'll break it all down if you're new to the channel be sure to subscribe to get all the videos we're doing an Amazon gift card giveaway all you have to do to enter is be a subscriber and let me know what you want them to do with .

The Batman sequels on the video so starting with the big stuff first number five all the release date changes the Batman movie was only able to film about half of the movie before the virus shut everyone down all over the world we're all living the Quarantine life right now originally the movie was coming out June next year in 2021 now the delay has gotten so big they've been away from the set for so long that they've had delay the movie to October first weirdly enough though even though everything's been delayed now not every DC movie has been delayed the same thing just happened to Marvel though where you have a bunch of shifting movie dates everything kind of moves down the line a little bit so DC had a version of that just happened to for them.

The new order for all the DC movies that are coming up goes like this it's Wonder Woman 1984 coming out in August this year The Suicide Squad movie is still coming out August next year in 2021 James Gunn said that there haven't been any big delays there in post-production right now they finished filming the movie a while ago Batman like I said is coming out October 1st next year they wanted to delay it to October because they feel like they can make more money in October and that's also the same week where they released Joaquin Phoenix's Joker movie which did gangbusters so they're also kind of referencing that hoping that it will also find the same success that the Joker movie did and if it wasn't clear there's not supposed to be any kind of connection between Joaquin Phoenix's Joker movie and Robert Pattinson --zz Batman movie like the Batman at the end of the Joker movie isn't supposed to be Robert Pattinson 'he's batman both the directors todd phillips and Matt Reeves said that their movies aren't intended to crossover in any way so if they do more with Joaquin Phoenix's Joker movies those will be its own separate thing often that DC black label of movies in .

The Batman movies with Robert Pattinson are setting up their own new continuity those aren't intended to be prequels to Ben Affleck's Batman or connected to Wonder Woman Aquaman 2 or any of the other Justice League movies some of the DC movies will be connected going forward some of them will not so I'll just explain on a movie by movie basis depending on what I'm doing videos for so for all the other upcoming DC movies they finally gave an update on the flash movie that's coming out July 2022 now it's only delayed a month but if you wondered if they were making it they are still making it we already know that it's going to be a slightly different version of flashpoint Ben Affleck's Batman Wonder Woman Aquaman aren't supposed to cross over as far as.

 I know maybe a cameo from cyborg or one of the other Justice League characters but it would be waist smaller than comic book flashpoint there's a very good animated flashpoint movie if you want to see more comic book accurate flashpoint I don't do this to me I don't know about the what okay the Black Adam movie is still coming out December 2021 that has not been delayed yet The Rock keeps talking about it on all his Instagram posts they said that they're going to start filming later this year that might be delayed just a little bit but it sounds like they'll still be able to hit their release date. 

Shazam - with the Shazam Lee did just get delayed from April 2022 to November 2022 so it's coming out about a year after the Black Adam movie the weird thing about the Shazam movies is that the kids are growing up so fast that the more they delay it the older the kids look so it becomes kind of awkward by the time they get to the third movie I think they delayed the movie so much just because there are so many different actors schedules that they had to juggle for that and you also have to consider them trying to get the rock in for a cameo by the end of the movie and he's probably one of the busiest people in Hollywood so it's a bit of a nightmare to schedule a movie that big I'll explain more about what's going on with Shazam - the next time I do a Black Adam video because we actually just did find out what's going on with the story of the Black Adam movie they haven't bumped Aquaman to yet that's still coming out Christmas week December 2022 but they might wind up bumping it because that's only a month after Shazam - three talking more about the Batman movies you may have seen Matt Reeves did a huge interview just a little while ago explaining the origin of his Batman movies how they're different and style and tone from all the other Batman that have come before how his characters are different I'll just read his quote here so he references his Planet of the Apes movie during this interview when he's talking about the Batman movie he says the way I love Apes is the way I loved Batman actually the only two franchises that might have been something that I would have been connected with amazingly are the ones that I was approached by meaning that Warner Brothers approached him about doing the Batman movie not the other way around he talks about having a really deep connection to the story that they wrote for this new Batman movie and then talks about his love for the other Batman movies he's a big fan of Tim Burton's Michael Keaton Batman movies and everyone's a fan of Christopher Nolan's Batman movies but he's also a big fan of Batman .

The Animated Series big shout out for Kevin Conroy one of the best Batman of all time just happens to be animated he then goes on to say that when he was pitching his version of the Batman movie to Warner Brothers he said that he wanted to do something different a humanist Batman movie the same thing that he did for his Apes movies he went on to say that Warner Brothers was pretty much on board with his pitch and his take on the character they didn't make him change any really big things about the movie the reason why they went with Robert Pattinson instead of doing the movie with Ben Affleck is because when Matt Reeves came onto the project they did a complete rewrite of Geoff Johns and Ben Affleck's original Batman scripts it became a totally different movie but that was because they didn't go to Matt Reeves to ask him to do the Batman movie until after Ben Affleck had completely left the character and the movie the main reason he said he went with a younger version of Batman is because he said this Batman is still figuring things out he's only been Batman for a couple of years he's supposed to be struggling with the weight of his mission and the overall decay in Gotham just beating down on him literally and metaphorically so too when he says he's trying to make a humanist Batman movie that just means giving the villains as much character development arcs as the Batman character a really good example of this is.

The Edward Nash tin version of the Riddler that they're doing there was a scene that they were filming earlier that leaked a while ago before they had to shut down the movie where the police had found one of the Riddler's latest victims it was a man tied up and blindfolded in a chair with a sign hung over him with the Riddler's trademark question mark in a message written in blood saying no more lies the lies that the Riddler was referring to were the hypocrisy of the state of the Gotham City Police Department in the court system Peter Sarsgaard is playing the current district attorney in Gotham during the movie his name is Gill Colson he's not a comic book character but you'll understand why in a second he said that his character is supposed to be super rotten and will lie falsify evidence in order to convict criminals so we just paints the Riddler and some of the other Batman villains in the movie like the penguin and all the other potential rumored villains in a more sympathetic light the movies largely inspired by the long Halloween enduring the story of that comic book Batman goes around trying to find the identity of this killer who's going around killing all these mobsters before they find out what's really going on all the usual suspects get rounded up by Batman he goes to the Riddler he goes to.

The Joker he goes to the penguin to find out as a did it turns out they did not do it in the real killer is someone else so it sounds like there's a little bit of that going on inside Gotham City during the movie where you have the district attorney who's kind of rotten trying to throw criminals in prison for crimes they didn't commit so it sounds like the Riddler is trying to get rid of this rotten district attorney during the movie and it gives him a more realistic character arc than what you saw from say Jim Carrey's Riddler even though I'm a huge Jim Carrey fan but by the time they got to the schumacher Batman movies stylistically they got so Baroque and over stylized that it became way more high fantasy in way less grounded it is fun to go back every once in a while and watch him go fool Jim Carrey as the Riddler though just in terms of tone and style and look it sounds like based on what Matt Reeves is saying and what we've seen from the Gotham City sets that they filmed on that the new Batman movie looks somewhere between Christopher Nolan's very real world Gotham in some of the Gothic architecture of Tim Burton's Batman movies before the Schumacher movies turned that up to 11 the number one because the district attorney Gil Coulson in this first movie seems like a pretty big character it sounds like they're not planning on doing Harvey Dent or a two-face origin story until the second Batman movie like I said we've talked about how this Batman movie is inspired largely by the long Halloween comic book story the long Halloween is where Harvey Dent becomes two-face infamously getting the acid thrown in his face then resurfacing months later in the story as to face but he's already the district attorney when that story picks up there's no other big character that introduces him so the only reason they would do this in the movie with this different guilt Colson district attorney is to number one give the villains like the Riddler more of an origin story and to give the sequel somewhere to go so you do two phases a big character in the Batman 2 or whatever they're going to call that movie and if rumors are to be believed they would introduce their new version of the Joker during the third movie of this new trilogy and it would not be Joaquin Phoenix's Joker but that wouldn't happen for at least five or six years so I wouldn't worry about that too much right now but obviously they will probably do a new version of the Joker at some point during this new trilogy we still haven't seen an official look at the cat woman's new costume although we have seen her on set riding motorcycles with Batman and we still have not seen an official look at Colin Farrell's penguin yet although there's been a lot of really good fan art but everyone posts all your predictions for this new Batman movie in the comments below and if you didn't see there is a brand new Justice League dark HBO series that they're going to be making live-action if that wasn't clear people were confused if it was live-action or animated it will be a live-action I just did a teaser video for that you can click here to watch that and click here for my brand new venom 2 spider-man video thank you so much for watching everyone stay safe I'll see you guys tonight! 

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