PMJDY | Apply Online Jan-Dhan Yogna Account Opening 2020

Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana .Do you know guys What is Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana To open a savings account under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana .
Why are people so upset And how can you open your savings account under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana. 

• Which documents are required here? 
And by following which term and condition, you can become eligible for this saving account Does Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana Savings Account also, open by applying online And if it opens then how Let's know First of all we know what is this Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana Friends, the beginning of this scheme to all. the public in our country Was done to connect to the bank It was my country that whenever our government Any kind of plan for citizen of india Or used to bring some scheme to help. the public And when some money had to be sent to the public under that scheme .

That is, for poor people had to send some money It was then that the government used to send money. But the money did not reach the public Or even reach, very few reach Because there were a lot of steps between the public and the government And at every step one or the other people used to sit Due to which the money was gradually reduced . 

That is why they did not reach the public Or they were very few when they reached That is why our government started this Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana Under this, they say that all the people in our country One should have a savings account under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana. You also get a lot of facility in the savings account inside it Which is different from normal saving account So here friends, they are asking to open a savings account.

This will happen when you open a savings account As soon as the government brings you any kind of plan So now Govt. will send money to your savings account As if the Lockdown is going on now So in this Lokdown our government has tell us to give some money So only those people will get that money Those whose savings account is open in Jan Dhan So this is the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana Now it comes to what its benefits are .

Why should we open a savings account under this So the first benefit is friends If there is any kind of scheme of government So under that you have to get the benefits They will be received in your savings account The other benefit is friends That this opens a savings account under the Jan Dhan Yojana This is a zero balance saving account.

 It does not require you to maintain money Even if you keep zero rupees in this savings account Then this savings account will not be closed That's where the third benefit is, friends That you keep all the money in this savings account here You also get an interest rate of up to 4% The fourth benefit is that here you also get accidential insurance. Up to 2 lakh rupees Fifth benefit is that That here you also get Life Insurance cover Up to 30 thousand rupees In this way, friends, if you transfer funds to anyone from this account Should you RTGS , IMPS, NEFT Do anything So here in the fund transfer you do not insure any kind of charge It's absolutely free Similar friends have many more Benefits. If you want to know all the benefits So in the description of this video you will get all the benefits You can know about all the benefits from the checkout section. So now it comes that if we Want to open a savings account under Jan Dhan Yojana .

So what documents do we need here Friends, you can use any such document here. So that both identity proof and address proof are used That is, your document should also contain your photo And your address should also be Then you an identity proof and an address proof You can open both documents using So which document is the same here friends You can use passport here Use your Drivers license Can use Voter ID Card Can use pan card You can also use the job card made under NREGA. 

You will know about Aadhaar card you can use it anywhere. Similar friends like any document Which is verified from State Govt or Central Govt. You can use it under this Jan Dhan Yojana Can open a savings account So now it comes to how you were opened Friends first I tell you You can also open the account anywhere Can be opened from the main branch of any bank Can be opened from CSP Branch Or any kind of bank if there is an outlet The process of saving your account is in progress So you can open a savings account under Jan Dhan Yojana .

So now it comes to know how to open up You don't have to do much to open friends The way you open a normal savings account In the same way you can get it opened Normally you have to take your document and go to the bank Or wherever you want to open a savings account If you want to open in CSP, then you have to go After you leave you have to speak That you have to open a savings account under Jan Dhan Yojana They will give you a little information about this account. 

After that, they will give you a form If you have gone to the bank So there is going to be the same process Then they will give you a form You have to fill the form In filling the form, friends there you may need two photos and a signature. So take the photo with you and you can do the signature Here is another problem If you need any bank This is how every bank has its own form For opening Jan Dhan account But if you are in a Bank or an outlet The firm is not getting from any region So friends online, 

• Its official website is Jan Dhan Yojana Are you given two forms? 
One in english and one in hindi You will get link to both forms in this description By downloading and filling it You can go to any Bank or Any Bank outlet Can use to open savings account of Jan Dhan Yojana So if you are getting a form, then fill it If you can't find it then checkout the Description box You can download from its link and fill that form You are deposited here Then you have to submit the form They will verify your document Friends, after verification you will be opened at the same time. 

And then you can use it as a normal saving account So this is the process of offline So now it comes to know How to open a savings account online Apply under Jan Dhan Yojana I searched the Internet almost everywhere to open friends online Many visited the website of the bank But anywhere the savings account of Jan Dhan Yojana.

 There is no service to apply online Or there is no such service So that you can open this account online by opening it Here you will only get both forms To apply one in Hindi and one in English Then its link is given in the Description So here, you know this That you apply online Can not open savings account of Jan Dhan Yojana Only you can open it offline So this is its account opening processor So now it comes to some limitations Such as the Debit card you get under it First of all, it will be a Rupay Debit card So that you can use only in Indian Using other things you Only 10 thousand rupees of daily can do transactions That is, you can deposit or withdraw 10 thousand rupees. The second is these limits friends Here if you use your Account NetBanking or ATM card Want to pay online So on that you will have 10 thousand rupees That is, his transaction limit is also of 10 thousand rupees. 

That's the benefit That people whose age is not yet 18 years old And if they want to open a zero balance saving account So this is the best option for them Because these account friends do not wait for 18 years If your age is more than 10 years So on the basis of your parents' document Can open this Saving Account So this is zero balance saving account So here you do not even have to maintain money So this is friends, Prime Minister Jan Dhan Yojana 

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