Best Horror Films of last 20 years _ Top 10 Indian horror movies which really scares you by Jassi

Best Horror Films of last 20 years _ Top 10 Indian horror movies which really scares you by Jassi
Have you ever screamed while watching any movie? Definitely, In your childhood you may have screamed and scared while watching certain Hollywood movies.. right? In Bollywood also there are certain movies that will make you panic.. that will increase your anxiety and that will evoke your hidden fear fact yes, I am talking about Horror Movies Even though Horror is not a popular genre in Bollywood, there are certain high quality Horror Movies made in Hindi over the last 20 years Hello, this is Jubair. Welcome to Jubair Jubz Films & Graphics Today, I am going to describe some of the best Horror movies made in Bollywood over the last 20 years So, Without waiting much time let's quickly start the countdown for Top 10 Bollywood Horror movies of the last 2 decades .

Number 10.Kaal Kaal breaks many stereotypes that Bollywood used for horror movies. The haunted mansion, Darkness, Ghost , scary sound effects & BGM were the regular elements used in Bollywood horror films. But Kaal broke those clichés and narrated the Horror story in a very entertaining way. Kaal was released in the year 2005 under the direction of Soham Shah. It was the first joint venture of Sharukh Khan & Karan Johar as producers. This supernatural horror film tells the story of wildlife experts who explore a forest to find out the supernatural individual killing people. John Abraham's character Krish and their friends teams up with Kaali played by AJAY DEVGAN, to battle the supernatural entity responsible for killing their team members. What they discover will give them the shock of their life. VIVEK OBEROI, LARA DUTTA , Esha deol and kushal Panjabi where also in the cast. The movie also gives a message on protecting the precious wildlife of India. Number 09.1920 This Horror movie is inspired by the American super natural film The Exorcist released in 1973. This vikram Bhutt directorial movie portrays the life of a married couple who shifts into a haunted mansion without being informed of it. Eventually, the wife gets infatuated by a demonic soul. What unfolds later is terrifying and shocking incidents. Rajneesh Duggal and Adah Sharma played the role of the couple. The movie is said to be technically rich. Vikram bhutts direction, cinematography, lighting and Sound effects were appreciated by the critics. This movie was released in the year 2008. In 2012 2nd installment of 1920 is made with the title 1920: The Evil Returns, 

Number 08.Naina This movie is also a remake of a foreign movie. Yes, Naina directed by Shripal Morakhia is the remake of 2002 Hong Kong film The Eye directed by the Pang brothers. This movie is about Naina who loses her vision in an accident. As she grows, she is given a corneal implant to restore her eye sight, but after that she started seeing ghosts. This plot created controversy in India because its depiction of the protagonist seeing ghosts after her corneal transplant. it was feared that the movie would discourage people from donating corneas or seeking corneal transplants. Urmila Matondkar played the protagonist Naina in this 2005 film. The movie was premiered in the Marché du Film section of the Cannes Film Festival in 2005.

 Number 07.Alone It really make us upset that, this one also a remake of a foreign movie. Yes, Alone is the remake of the 2007 Thai film of the same name. This Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover starrer movie was released in 2015. The Movie deals with split personality of the protagonist Sanjana. The spirit of Sanjana's conjoined twin returns to haunt her sister after her death. Sanjana's life is ruined by the evil spirit of her sister Anjana who was envious of her boyfriend Kabir in the past and now tries to steal her husband. The music , Beautiful locations and cinematography were the highlights of this horror film directed by Bhushan Patel .

Number 06.13 B This film was originally made in Tamil and dubbed version was released in Hindi. This 2009 psychological horror film is directed by Vikram Kumar. 13 B is considered as one of the intelligent horror film which give 100% horror movie experience to the audience without making them scary with horrible ghost face. The story of the film is about Manohar played by R. madhavan who shift into a new apartment on the 13th floor with his family. However, their harmony is troubled by a spirit that uses the television set as a medium to communicate with them.13 B has overdose of spine-tingling chills and scares. With an intelligent script and an ensemble cast the movie delivers a perfect thrilling experience. 13B is a must-watch because of its impressive storyline. 

Number 05.Stree Stree is the one and only horror comedy in this list. This Rajkummar Rao and Shraddha Kapoor starer movie is based on the Bangalore urban legend known as Nale Ba. Stree directed by Amar Kaushik was released in 2018 and emerged as a major critical and commercial success. The story line follows a spirit who knocks on people's doors late in the night and takes away the men of the house, Stree had all the tricky things to shock and entertain you in equal measures. With hilarious dialogues imparted in a scary, gripping thriller, it had the right proportion of elements for a perfect horrer comedy. 

Number 04.Darna Mana Hai Darna mana hai become unique among this list of horror movies as the film consists of six different short stories and narrated through 6 different characters. Bollywood’s popular actors like Saif Ali Khan, Vivek Oberoi, Aftab Shivdasani, Shilpa Shetty, Sameera Reddy, Isha Koppikar, Nana Patekar and Sohail Khan comes as different characters in different short stories of this movie released in 2003. The main plot of the flick follows Six friends who narrate ghostly tales to one another while stranded on a highway. Each story turns out to be frightening than the next one but the biggest disgust strikes when they lose some of the friends. The basic plot of the movie is inspired from the movie Campfire Tales.This film directed by by Ram Gopal Varma featured in this list not just because it is terrifying but because of its groundbreaking screenplay. sequel to darna mana hai is released in 2006 with title Darna Zaroori Haii Number 03.Ragini MMS Ragini MMS is inspired by the English supernatural horror film 'Paranormal Activity' and is partly based on a real story of a Delhi girl. The story is about Romantic couple Ragini and Uday who reach a farmhouse to spend a weekend. Ragini is unaware that the house is equipped with hidden cameras and Uday plans to record their bedroom actions. They soon learn that the house is haunted. This 2011 movie provides you edge-of-the-seat thrills after the inciting incident. 

Number 02.Raaz Raaz have so many records associated with it. This movie is considered as the biggest block buster movie in Horror genre. This is the first Horror film series made in India with 4 sequels. This movie established Vikram Bhutt as the finest horror film maker. And Raaz was just the beginning of a slew of horror films that Bipasha Basu was to sign later. Raaz is an unofficial adaptation of Michelle Pfeiffer starrer What Lies Beneath. The story starts when the couple Sanjana played by Bipasha basu and Aditya palyed by Dino morea head to Ooty to save their broken marriage. But a ghost starts haunting the place. Sanjana suddenly finds that her husband is part of the ghostly conspiracy which unfolds the dark secrets about her husband. Raaz gave us enough moments to scream out of fear again and again. The first film of Vikram Bhatt's Raaz franchise was released in 2002.Later Raaz: The Mystery Continues , Raaz 3 , Raaz Reboot were released as sequels of this movie. 

Number 01.Bhoot Bhoot is selected as the best Horror movie made in Hindi over the last 20 Years because of it's well written script, thrilling scenes, scary shots and brilliant narrative style. All credits goes to Super director Ram gopal varma who already proved his immense talent in horror film making thrugh 1992 Raat. The scare component in Bhoot is kept infusing through most parts of the film and is often diverted with scream-out-loud moments. This 2003 released film has a big star cast of Ajay Devgn Urmila Matondkar,Fardeen Khan, Rekha and Nana Patekar. Urmila Matondkar won 4 awards for her performance as a ghost possessed wife. A sequel to this movie was made in 2012 by RGV with the title Bhoot Returns . Bhoot is regarded as one of the scariest films of Bollywood. 

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