20 New PC Games Still To Come In 2020 By Jassi maur

20 New PC Games Still To Come In 2020 By Jassi maur
At the end of 2019 we picked our most anticipated games for 2020. And given that we’re about half way through the year now, we thought it best to update you, the lovely Rock Paper Shotgun viewer, on the new delights coming to PC in the coming months. Rather than double-dip on Cyberpunk 2077 and the like – you can hear our thoughts on that in the original video – we’ve picked 20 new PC games that we’re banking on being stand-outs in 2020. If we miss your favourite, leave a comment below. And, while you’re here, subscribe and ring the bell so you’ll be among the first to see all our videos that cover these games. Without any further ado, let’s have a look at what's launching in the second half of this year! 

The Marmite-man of video games, Hideo Kojima, returns to PC this year with Death Stranding. When the game hit PlayStation 4 it dazzled and confused in equal measure, but there’s no disputing the fact that the delivery driver simulator is something worth talking about. Starring yer man off The Walking Dead and grenades that are crafted using piss and shit, the Kojima Productions’ debut sees you carrying cargo across America to heal a divided nation. A nation I hope is in when I ring the doorbell because I can’t be arsed going back to the depot with this load. While his games aren’t for everyone, they’re memorable and this is no exception; it’s asynchronous multiplayer that urges you to roll up your sleeves and help restore this world to greatness is a particular highlight. Plus, it’s dead pretty, in fairness. Speaking of former PS4 exclusives, Guerrilla Games brings its action-RPG Horizon Zero Dawn to PC, this summer. As protagonist Aloy, your goal is to save the world from the corrupted machines that roam the land, whilst also learning about who exactly you are. Ooooh, intrigue. Granted, Horizon’s side-quests are a tad same-y, and its secondaries a smidge dull, but the main arc is compelling from beginning to end. And destroying robot crocodiles and jaguars with your array of weapons is a real thrill, because it’s all about the approach. You need to assess the weaknesses of what’s in front of you before you attack or giant robocrab will absolutely do you. While it was gorgeous on Sony’s console three years ago, I’m really looking forward to seeing how this looks when it comes to PC. There’s no questioning Miyazaki’s influence on Mortal Shell. But plonking this game on the ever-growing Soulslike pile and walking away would be doing it a massive disservice. While it has plenty of the heavy combat seen in FromSoftware’s series, Mortal Shell is also reminiscent of Mega Man. You don’t get powers off the big bads you kill, but you can acquire the skills of fallen warriors that you come across throughout the game. All you have to do is wear their skin. Like a sort of heroic Leatherface. It looks unforgiving, sick, twisted, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it. Like a mix between Mirror’s Edge, Titanfall and Hotline Miami, Ghostrunner sees you assume the role of a Frank Jaeger-like cyberninja in a world of one-hit kills and bullet time dodges. 

Like Dredd or The Raid, you have to climb a tower full of enemies in order to get to the bottom of whatever it is you’re getting to the bottom of. The developers told us last year to expect action to get mixed up with new mechanics on the climb to the top, throwing in new gadgets along the way. Honestly, this one is mostly being sold on the exhilarating pace of its play, but if the story can deliver, then Ghostrunner could turn out to be a really special game. You can get a taster of what to expect via the demo that’s available on Steam right now. The beloved space flight simulation game, Kerbal Space Program, is getting a sequel. If you found the first one impenetrable, but you’d still like to have a go, rest easy in the knowledge that the tutorial is said to be a big improvement on the original game. Don’t fret, experienced explorers, KSP2 doesn’t just cater to novices: this time around you’ll be able to build entire colonies, go beyond the Kerbal System thanks to interstellar travel, and build rockets with your friends in multiplayer. I don’t know about you, but I personally can’t wait to blame my friends for my shoddy building skills. Expect a fresh batch of meaty horrors in Little Nightmares 

2. While I wouldn’t call its predecessor scary, it was unsettling; its imagery burrowed its way into your brain like a menacing little vole. We haven’t seen much of the puzzle-platformer past this trailer, but we do know windbreaker-enthusiast Six will be joined by a little boy named Mono that has a fondness for whacking folks over the head with a ladle. Fans shouldn’t be worried about a combat focus, though: developer Tarsier Studios told our friends at Eurogamer that it’s more about giving players the option to tackle situations in different ways. You can’t mow down baddies with an AK, basically. Shame. Because I don’t like the look of that teacher. Chivalry 2 is the sequeliest of sequels. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare had you get up in the faces of your adversaries; Chivalry 2 allows you to perform drive-bys on horseback. The original featured fights of up to 32 players; Chivalry 2’s battlefields will be populated by 64. The first game brought sword fighting to first-person multiplayer; do I need to mention the thing about horses again? Torn Banner Studios’ upcoming effort looks like a refinement of the limb-chopping slapstick fun of eight years ago, and there’s very little wrong with that. The big question is how it will hold up against Mordhau - Chivalry is a prettier game, for sure, but we need to go hands on and start chopping hands off to discover the nuanced differences. I anticipate some dismemberment in Little Hope, too. Fewer laughs, though. The second of eight planned entries in developer Supermassive’s Dark Pictures Anthology, Little Hope sees you control five different teenagers that have found themselves trapped in a ghost town. Like 2019’s Man of Medan, you choose dialogue options for your quintet that will impact the tale in both positive and negative ways. The main aim: get out alive with all teens intact. Last year’s game failed to live up to expectations the studio set with 2015’s wonderfully schlocky Until Dawn, but my fingers are crossed. I’m hoping for great things… I’m so sorry. Fans have been waiting 20 long years for a sequel to Shadows of Amn. And, thankfully, they won’t have to wait much longer as Baldur’s Gate 3 enters early access on PC at some point this year. While the combat system ditches real time with pause for turn-based strategy with more than a hint of Larian 

Studios’ Divinity: Original Sin 2, it folds in the Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition rulebook in some really fun ways, with some great-looking stealth play promising to finally do rogues justice. I could drone on about character customisation, death, companions and everything in between, but you’re better off checking out our Matthew’s extensive preview coverage of the game right here on Rock Paper Shotgun. The boy’s gone deep on the Dungeons & Dragons CRPG, so be sure to give his videos a watch. On the topic of anticipated sequels, Psychonauts 2 is also slated to launch later this year. Announced during the 2015 Keighleys - sorry *Game Awards* - Double Fine’s third-person platformer sees protagonist Raz return and now he’s a full-blown Psychonaut! The boyhood dream has come true... well, sort of. 

The psychic spy organisation he’s wanted to join since he was lad is in a spot of bother and it's up to him to save it. As well as classic psi-abilities, Raz gains new powers to battle demons in the minds of a whole host of new characters. Will anything rival the weirdness of the original’s dreaded Meat Circus? Fleshy big top or not, Psychonauts 2 has a lot to live up to, but from what we’ve seen so far, it's shaping up nicely. From the brains behind Assassin’s Creed Odyssey comes a game with a bit less bloodshed, but just as much of a focus on mythology. Gods & Monsters - not to be confused with the *great* Ian McKellen film - is a gorgeous-looking open-world action-adventure game that sees you take on a ton of different beasts, as you aim to save the gods of Ancient Greece. While the Odyssey influence is clear, Ubisoft’s interactive storybook also seems somewhat influenced by Zelda. As well as an art style that looks quite Breath of the Wild-y, puzzles and dungeons will play a role in the game. We’ll have to wait and see how this cartoon-like AC pans out, but colour us intrigued. After Egypt and Greece, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla offers the culture shock of shifting action to miserable Britain. Yep, Valhalla sees you play as Eivor, a viking warrior that’s looking to take on the Anglo-Saxons on their home turf in 873 AD. Granted, that’s your basic summary, but my Eivor may be different to yours. On top of being able to choose your gender, dialogue options will once again be present, allowing you to shape your character, as well as the world around you. What you say will likely impact who you smooch, too, as romance options have also been confirmed. Honestly, there’s so much to the game that it’s hard to fit it into a few words. Rest assured that we’ll have more Valhalla content than you can shake a Mjolnir at, later in the year. Thunder Lotus Games, who’ve dabbled in Norse mythology before, have opted for a calmer setting with their upcoming game, Spiritfarer. Described as a cozy management game about dying – yep – Spiritfarer has you transport the recently deceased onto the afterlife. So, unlike most games where it’s an afterthought, Spiritfarer is all about death and those who experience it. But, it’s not dark. If anything it appears to celebrate life rather than mourn loss. Of all the games on this list, Spiritfarer is the odds on favourite to make a few eyes water. 

Publishers don’t gamble on expensive new ideas. IPs. It makes more financial sense to try and stick a superhero in it. And while Square Enix are doing that in The Avengers, they apologise for that lack of spine with Outriders. The next game from People Can Fly mightn’t have the most exciting of names, but its premise intrigues: an RPG shooter like a Destiny or Anthem, but made by the people who built the fabulous guns of Bulletstorm. Sign me up. And two of my buddies: this sci-fi treat allows you to co-op the campaign. While comparisons have been made to games such as The Division, Outriders isn’t a games-as-a-service game and won’t include any microtransactions. Can I put my signature down twice? One of my favourite trends in recent years has to be racing games with story modes. Even when they’re awful – see 2015’s Need For Speed – they often have a certain charm about them. Codemasters is coming strong with the career mode for Dirt 5, though, as they’ve drafted in Nolan North and Troy Baker to lead their voice cast. Not too shabby. On the track, you can expect the quality off-road racing the series is known for. 

Taking inspiration from Forza Horizon, Dirt 5 will feature changing seasons, which means a course can play very differently given the time of the year. From the trailer we know events will be taking place in New York, Brazil, China and Norway and more will no doubt be revealed as we get closer to launch. Remember Honey, I Shrunk The Kids? Obsidian Entertainment does, because that’s clearly the inspiration for the next game from the people behind The Outer Worlds. In Grounded, you play as a kid that’s been miniaturised – sadly not by Rick Moranis. Your main goal is to survive the danger that lurks in the back garden, like hungry creepy crawlies. Could be a tough one for arachnophobes. While this is a survival game, there’s more to Grounded than just fighting off ants and building shelters: there’s a story. I hope it ends in a big bowl of Cheerios like the film. It obviously won’t be fully-formed in July, as it’s launching as an early access game, but Grounded has serious potential. This year will see the grand strategy RPG hybrid Crusader Kings return with the third instalment in the series. In CK3 you play as the head of a dynasty that rules over a group of people. You can be a bastard, you can be nice, it’s up to you. Once you pop your clogs, you then assume control of that character’s heir and the cycle begins anew. Unlike other games of this ilk, Crusader Kings places more emphasis on the role-playing aspect, meaning you have to consider how your actions could affect your current relationships, as well as future ones. It’s a beefy one, but it looks set to please fans when it comes out later this year. From the co-creator of Halo comes Disintegration, a sci-fi FPS-slash-RTS. On a gravity-defying motorcycle, you order your loyal ground troops to do your bidding, which is often “move over there and then shoot that baddie in the face.” However, while all that’s going on, you need to be mindful of other airborne commanders that will try to have a pop at you; use your hog’s arsenal on them before they do the same to you and you’ll be victorious in both Disintegration’s multiplayer and single-player modes. 

While the shooter pedigree is what may get you in the door, we’re expecting the strategic layer will get you to stick around for longer than a match or two. Sable is sure to be an indie darling. Its Studio Ghibli-inspired artstyle has wowed many convention goers over the last couple of years. I mean, just look at it. There’s an undeniable resemblance to thatgamecompany’s Journey with its sun-kissed desert that you zoom along, but Sable doesn’t have a traditional beginning, middle and end: the journey in this case is dictated by where you go and what you interact with. I’m a sucker for the combat-free, puzzle-full experience that Sable guarantees, so I cannot wait to get my hands on this. Leave the best till last, right? Yakuza: Like a Dragon is coming to PC this fecking year! If you’re wary about jumping on at this late stage in the series, don’t be. Sure, it’s the seventh mainline entry, but it’s quite a departure from the games that revolved around beating up menacing men. While the protagonist switch from Kazuma Kiryu to new boy Ichiban Kasuga is obviously notable, the turn-based combat system is the most striking change for this beloved series. It’s not about mashing buttons anymore. Instead, you need to choose the actions of Kasuga and his party carefully: do you go for a big AOE attack on a group of thugs, or are you better off to cure your bleeding status first? This is still Yakuza, though, so expect tons of mini-game delights like karaoke and darts to return, as well as some new additions like kart racing. Yeah, I can’t wait either. Getting this down to 20 games was quite difficult - it’s a good thing we’ve got that earlier list of another 20. That you should watch right now.. 2020’s second half of the year is shaping up to be a tremendous few months for video game releases, but I’m sure there’s a few on your wishlist that didn’t make our list. Let us know the games you're looking forward to playing later this year by leaving a comment. Sharing is caring. And if you liked this video, why not like this video by clicking on the thumbs up button. If you’d like more from Rock Paper Shotgun, just hit the subscribe button and ring the 

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